On the transformation of global governance


Collective action in a fragmented world
International collective action is in search of a new paradigm. It cannot rely anymore on global binding rules supported by universal institutions. New forms of cooperation have emerged in a number of fields. Europe should equip itself to be an effective player in this new global game. This calls for internal governance reforms.

Jean Pisani-Ferry
September 2019


Global Governance: Demise or Transformation?
Progress report on the Transformation of Global Governance Project 2018-2019. Available as an eBook.

Edited by George Papaconstantinou and Jean Pisani-Ferry
August 2019


The threats to the European Union’s economic sovereignty
Memo to the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The authors describe the current context and the increasing interlinkages between economics and power politics and the role to play in reinforcing and defending Europe’s economic sovereignty.

Jean Pisani-Ferry and Guntram B. Wolff
July 2019


Can economic multilateralism survive?
This RSCAS Policy Paper explores new governance arrangements that depart from legally binding rules and universal treaty-based institutions, evaluating their effectiveness and drawing five policy implications.

Jean Pisani-Ferry
April 2019


A Big Leap Forward: Institutions and Policies for a Viable Euro Area
EMU reform is crucial for a viable Euro area, but is taking place against a backdrop of political constraints. What are the critical reforms and institutional issues still in place?

George Papaconstantinou and Jean Pisani-Ferry
March 2019


Should we give up on Global Governance?
Setbacks in global governance have dashed the optimism of the 1990s. Can alternatives be devised to ensure effective collective action?

Jean Pisani-Ferry
December 2018


One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation
Facing the increasingly urgent need for EU reform, the authors suggest a new club-based governance model which would offer scope for broad membership without stalling the process of further integration for those willing.

Maria Demertzis, Jean Pisani-Ferry, André Sapir, Thomas Wieser, Guntram B. Wolff
September 2018


What Agenda for Retooling Global Collective Action? Issues for discussion
The authors briefly set out the scope and some issues dealt with in the Transformation of Global Governance project.

George Papaconstantinou and Jean Pisani-Ferry
August 2018


Slides of the inaugural lecture and seminar of the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa chair, The Transformation of Global Governance
Why does global governance matter? What is the current state of global governance? Where can we go from there?

Jean Pisani-Ferry
April 2018

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