Past Events



16 October 2018
Seminar ‘The Governance of Competition Policy: Cooperation and Extraterritoriality‘, organised with Bruegel in Brussels. This seminar focused on competition policies, which have the potential to affect trade, service provision and regulation beyond their territorial scope. Speakers examined how they are conducted and coordinated, so that their effectiveness can be assessed and governance further developed.

12-13 September 2018
Seminar ‘Governance of international banking‘, organised with the EUI’s Florence School of Banking and Finance and Bocconi University in Milan. This closed-doors seminar examined what regulatory paths the banking sector took after the global financial crisis, and what instruments have been put in place to prevent and manage future crises. It also took a look at what challenges technological innovations, cryptocurrencies in particular, pose to banking governance.

19-20 June 2018
Workshop ‘The Governance of International Trade: Reshape or Demise?‘.
Focusing on the governance of international trade, the first sectoral seminar was organised in conjunction with the Global Economics research team of the EUI’s Global Governance Programme. Conclusions drawn were that the WTO suffers from near-paralysis due to it no longer reflecting current geopolitical and business situations. Bypasses have been crafted to further regional integration and deepen policy coordination, but the architecture of trade governance is at serious risk of collapse due to a crisis of leadership and an over-burdening of its adjudication system.

9 April 2018
Inaugural lecture and seminar of the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa chair, ‘ The Transformation of Global Governance‘.
 The Chair Holder presented the Transformation of Global Governance Project, outlining the issues and questions animating it and sketching out the future research agenda.