Upcoming Events


Seminar on the Governance of Global Tax Coordination

18-19 February 2019
Paris, France
Jointly organised with: OECD

Taxation remains a core national prerogative, but international capital flows and global value chains have only increased the visibility of current, and possibilities of future tax evasion and avoidance. This seminar will examine what tools, avenues and institutions are available to effectively tackle the imperative of global tax coordination.


Seminar on the Governance of Climate Change

27-28 March 2019
Paris, France
Jointly organised with: European Climate Foundation; EUI Florence School of Regulation, Climate and Energy departments

While the threat that climate change poses to humanity has long been well understood, effective action is lacking. This seminar will examine the “regime complex” governing the mitigation of climate change and its effects, with a particular focus on the Paris Agreement and its shortcomings, and what avenues exist for reinforcing or reshaping it.


Seminar on the Governance of Global Financial Safety Nets

2 April 2019
London, United Kingdom
Jointly organised with: HM Treasury; London School of Economics

Financial globalisation has increased states’ need for a safety net to prevent financial crises from spinning out of control. Since the global financial crisis, the system of safety nets has been reformed and added to, making it more diverse, but also more fragmented. This seminar will examine its components, coherence, and its potential resilience.


Seminar on the Governance of Internet Regulation

12-13 April 2019
Berlin, Germany
Jointly organised with: Hertie School of Governance

Digital governance evolved in an ad hoc, decentralized manner. This seminar will examine the fast emergence of global digital oligopolies, actions of certain state powers giving rise to democracy and security concerns, and the increasingly vocal involvement of civil society, which all make digital governance a pressing problem.


Seminar on the Governance of Migration

Florence, Italy
Jointly organised with: EUI’s Migration Policy Centre

Migration is an extremely sensitive political topic, practically exclusively domestically governed. This seminar will examine the current issues that migration governance faces, and what avenues and modalities of cooperation are available, as geopolitical, economic and environmental pressures driving international migration continue to rise.


Theory and Geopolitics of Global Governance

Florence, Italy

After taking stock of the sectoral seminars, this seminar will juxtapose the academic work on global governance with current developments in world politics in order to test and structure the results of the Transformation of Global Governance project.


Concluding Conference

8-9 October 2019
Florence, Italy

The project will conclude with a major conference, presenting the results and drawing conclusions for ways forward and future action.