Final project report now published: ‘New World, New Rules?’

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This eBook is the final report on the ‘Transformation of Global Governance’ Project, launched in 2018 by Jean Pisani-Ferry and George Papaconstantinou as a horizontal initiative by the European University Institute’s Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and the then newly created School of Transnational Governance.

The book is comprised of three parts. The first includes a joint paper by Jean Pisani-Ferry and George Papaconstantinou entitled New Rules for a New World: A Survival Kit, a critical analysis of the state of governance in these nine different policy fields, examining in each case the nature of the collective action problem, the character of the legal and institutional response,and evolution over time. Drawing on a comparative analysis of successes and failures in these fields, the authors set out elements for designing and implementing an ambitious collective action strategy suited to the present context.

This first part also includes a paper based on the New World, New Rules: Can Europe Rise to the Challenge State of the Union address by Jean Pisani-Ferry, delivered at the annual State of the Union event organised by the European University Institute in May 2021.

The second part is comprised of the main take-aways of the 9 + 1 seminars that were organised in the context of the project and that represent is backbone. This series of seminars were dedicated to the analysis of the nine specific policy fields outlined (plus one on the historical evolution of global economic governance). All have been co-organised with specialised institutions, and all involved academics, field experts, policymakers and other stakeholders from private institutions or NGOs. The remarks from the world-class experts invited to contribute to the seminars (Caroline Atkinson, Vítor Constâncio, Laurent Fabius, Lim Hng Kiang, Pierre Moscovici, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Thomas Wieser) are included in full.

Finally, the third part of the book includes the main elements of the discussion from the concluding conference of the project that took place in October 2021 at the European University Institute and our takeaways from it. The conference was entitled New World, New Rules: Collective Action Repurposed
and it brought together in a rich exchange the main analytical findings and emerging policy directions from the project. Its aim was to tackle both positive and normative aspects relating to the actors, institutions, interactions at play and modes of global governance, and was structured so as to address different aspects of the global governance challenges: what has changed; what we have learned; and what is to be done.

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