New Book edition: Global Governance: Demise or Transformation?

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The second progress report of the ‘Transformation of Global Governance’ project has been published in September 2021. As the project nears its completion, this book collects the main take-aways of the 9 + 1 seminars that were organised in the context of the project and that represent its backbone. This series of seminars were dedicated to the analysis of the nine specific policy fields outlined (plus one on the historical evolution of global economic governance). All have been co-organised with specialised institutions, and all involved academics, field experts, policymakers and other stakeholders from private institutions or NGOs.

The concluding conference of the project is scheduled to take place in October 2021 at the European University Institute. It is entitled “New World, New Rules: Collective Action Repurposed” and its aim is to bring together the main analytical findings and emerging policy directions from the project. Through the discussion of papers, keynote presentations and policy panels, the aim is to tackle both positive and normative aspects relating to the actors, institutions, interactions at play and modes of global governance. In this context, the conference is structured so as to address different aspects of the global governance challenges: what has changed; what have we learned; and what is to be done.

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